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EDBuzz is a learning community designed to discover and share the best practices in education. These practices can dramatically influence the way in which educators teach and students learn. With the increasing power offered by innovations such as web 2.0, blended learning, and mobile learning, we often focus on the best integration of technology to improve learning.

Edbuzz welcomes your participation in this endeavor. Therefore, your insight and opinions are always welcome.

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Daryll Johnson, Co-Founder Daryll Johnson is a social science and technology teacher and has been teaching middle and high school classes for nearly 13 years. He has built two learning management systems, designed and taught online courses, and is a co-founder of Campus Point Learning, LLC.

Shawn Roner

Shawn Roner


Shawn Roner is currently the principal of a High School in the San Diego area. A former social science teacher, he has been involved in teaching and administration for 13 years. He has helped spearhead the use of online instruction and is a co-founder of Campus Point Learning, LLC.

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